Are Your Customer Service Agents Fit for the Frontline?

Brilliant customer service is no mean feat. Often the first touchpoint for customers, any question or complaint can be lobbed at an advisor at any given moment; so they need to be prepared and well-equipped to deal with any impending disaster.

This is one area of your business that you can’t just skim over or push down the back of the sofa like a neglected bank statement. For any business, from plumbing to consultancy, car dealership to gaming, customer service is key; 42% of leading UK companies say that customer service is the most important skill required for real-time social community engagement. A happy customer is a loyal one and a superior set of advisors will be your secret weapon.

Customer service has evolved into a new beast in the last 10 years, with plenty of businesses turning to social media as a live platform. Fast and efficient, customer service conducted via social media is a whole new way in which we can engage and communicate with customers; but doing so is quite the art. Of the 4.8m small businesses in the UK, nearly a quarter (23%) earn more than £1,000 per annum through connecting with consumers on social platforms. So it appears there’s a lot of value in investing in customer service. And you should be investing in the right people to serve on the frontline of your business.

What traits should you look for in potential recruits?

You need a certain type of customer service soldier, with the correct attitude, knowledge and authority to battle through the heavy onslaught to create a positive customer experience. You need the best commando force ready, no matter what conditions a mission throws at them.

Five characteristics you need to look for when recruiting:


Smoothing over any political conflicts and keeping all parties happy? All in a day’s work for a superstar customer service agent.


Team spirit is vital in combat; the battlefield can be an isolated environment when dealing with customers one on one. A solid team is essential, everyone needs support from their fellow officers.

Calm, cool and collected

The capacity to handle high pressure situations; most often than not, a customer service interaction is in regards to an unhappy patron. And we all know what they’re like; a little rude, frustrated and angry. Your advisors need to know how to deal with emotion, keep their head and not take directed frustration from customers to heart.

Comms skills that are second to none

The ability to dissect a customer’s issue quickly and effectively is crucial. Equally, can they relay information clearly to clients, keeping it simple and leaving nothing to doubt?

Sworn Allegiance

You need a force dedicated to your cause, who want to uphold the values of the business. Look for those with a loyal nature; you need to be able to trust them with the integrity of your brand.

Task them with the mission of creating outstanding service and defending disasters to the best of their abilities, and you’ll be marching right up to the top of the hill.

Still not convinced? Here are five stats that underline the importance of recruiting the right team of customer service advisors for your business.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.
Customers rank speed of response, speed of resolution and staff friendliness as the three most important aspects of customer service.

66% of consumers globally switched service providers due to poor customer service in 2013.
Attracting a new customer costs around 6-7 times more than retaining an existing customer.
A 10% increase in customer retention levels results in a 30% increase in the value of the company.

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