Flower Power Why Every Florist Should Be Using Social Media

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January 10, 2022
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January 10, 2022
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Flower Power Why Every Florist Should Be Using Social Media

Viewing nature’s workmanship as it is presented on social media, from freesias in bloom to thriving dahlias, is surprisingly calming and entrancing at the same time.

There’s little doubt that today’s audience is eager for inspiration. And the floral industry is well-positioned to benefit from this trend. Floristry becomes a popular search area on social media, from newly engaged brides-to-be looking for the beautiful wedding bouquet to those looking for a little flower gift inspiration.

The Florist.co.uk revealed that florists are eager to embrace social media as their primary marketing technique. As a result, it’s easy to see the need for Social media may not only help your business expand and gain momentum in sales, but it can also engage customers and motivate them to take action. Not to mention, it’s totally free.

To put it simply, social media is all about creating an eye-catching, well-curated collection of products that will bring new visitors to your shop in droves. Why? As a peek into your business, it entices your audience to learn more about what you’re doing to offer.

According to social media, SEO, and PPC expert Tom Bourlet, his floristry clients require a lot of imagery, so he turned to Pinterest and Twitter for inspiration. Among the social media platforms we’ve tried, we’ve found that Instagram and Pinterest are the most effective.

Based on her experience as a new small solo florist, Misty Means of obtaining of Inspired Florist Design says that she values her presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It serves as a showcase for my wares. It’s a terrific approach to get my message out to my intended audience and let them know about my products and services. I’ve found social media to be a great way to connect with people in the area.’

Bloom Fleuriste’s Hannah Ricci says Instagram has been her business’s most successful platform:

In terms of my business and sales, social media, particularly Instagram, is really important to me. In order for people to have a sense of my style before contacting me, they follow me on Instagram.’

Is social media getting you excited? The following are some essential pointers to help you get started:

Instagram is a great tool for building a visual narrative of your life. Isn’t it true that a “ a picture is worth words? The image is everything on this platform.

58 percent of Pinterest’s users are female, making it a haven for brides-to-be and those seeking a little bit of inspiration. Pinterest is also a great place to show off your individual sense of style.

Twitter is a great way to meet new people and show off your knowledge. Participating in #weddinghours all across country or in important regions for your business will help you improve your profile because of the direct engagement.

It can be difficult to get people to see non-paid posts on Facebook because of the way the platform is set up, but if you really can get beyond that, it’s a fantastic place to engage your audience.

Decided on a platform for your project? That was the difficult part, and now it’s over. Consider the following seven nuggets of wisdom when you plan your posts:

  • Invest in your network of contacts.
  • Jump-start discussions
  • Make a difference
  • Post unique information on a regular basis and be creative
  • Tags should be relevant.

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