Put A Plug In The Horror Story 5 Things You Do That Scare Off Your Customers

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Put A Plug In The Horror Story 5 Things You Do That Scare Off Your Customers

How many times have you played the role of a consumer within your own company? Oftentimes, businesses are formulated to meet your wants rather than those of your customers.

Make sure you aren’t making any of these typical blunders if you haven’t recently put yourself in your clients’ shoes.

Using technical terms in a conversation

Do your customers comprehend what you’re saying, even if you’re comfortable with the language?

Using jargon might not only generate a lot of confusion, but also can be quite disrespectful to the end user. In certain situations, it can even intensify the rooster’s crows. You don’t need another barrier, no matter how strong the emotion is.

Ask a buddy who isn’t associated with the company to look at your correspondence. Using your mother as a guinea pig, figure out a technique to talk to her that’s just the right amount of patronising while also not sounding like she’s talking nonsense.

The sales process is baffling.

An incomprehensible and terrible daily sales journey is certain to drive away potential customers. This is regardless of whether it is a bad website or being passed by one advisor to the next.

Reduce the complexity of the sales process as much as feasible. Staff should be taught how to ‘own’ their customers so that any hand-offs are as frictionless as possible – for both the customer.


From the moment our alarm clocks go off, we’re being sold to. Our mailboxes are constantly being bombarded with the latest offers, whether it’s through spam emails or texts asking if we’d seem to want to indulge in some decadent fast food.

For the sake of their well-being, clients want to be taken care of. As a result, steer clear of pushy salespeople who are unduly aggressive in their approach. It’s off-putting.

Unbearable treatment

There is nothing more demoralising than ignoring clients with rude or unhelpful attitudes or ignoring a long line. So, why are you allowing this to continue?

Every customer should be treated as if they were royalty, therefore teach your employees to do the same.

Because they wouldn’t wait for the queen since they had an olde chinwag about their colleagues, they shouldn’t use it against other important individuals that want to waste their cash.

Educate your personnel on the importance of treating each and every customer like a VIP. To know what’s happening when you’re not looking, set up a programme for covert shoppers.


Today’s instantaneous, digital customers will not put up with slow service. Keep in mind that today’s customers have higher expectations for timeliness and justice, even since you’ve been in business for a long time.

A good strategy to keep in touch with your clients is to introduce texting systems and email follow ups. Offer consumers who are pressed for time the option of click and collect or delivery.

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