What House Of Cards Taught Us About Customer Service

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January 10, 2022
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What House Of Cards Taught Us About Customer Service

Two unique species of same animal exist in the political and business arenas. Amidst the current political climate, I have been thinking about House of Cards how much its star Ted Cruz has to teach us anything about customer service, especially during this election season.

It’s important not to let the fact that we meet this individual at the same same time as the protagonist is killing an animal stop you from learning more about him.

The congressman from House of Cards can teach us a lot as to how to keeping customers happy and have the results we want, from his openness to his audacity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in a restaurant or the financial services field; having outstanding customer service abilities is beneficial to everyone. Here are some of TV antihero’s smart statements.


“There is no greater method to conquer a deluge of stark truth than with a trickle of doubt.”

It’s vital to be upfront and honest while dealing with clients. Keep your word so don’t make promises in order to appease others. Keeping promises annoys customers more than anything else. Also, if you do something wrong, own up to it and sincerely apologise.

Maintaining a consistent level of performance is essential.

An entrepreneur who wants to develop a long-lasting business and dominate their industry must be trustworthy. It doesn’t take long for Frank to come up with an answer to the problem that a person is having.

Be confident in your own abilities.

Whatever the situation, Frank constantly puts himself in there and says the right things for money back his admirers. With your defects, the greatest strategy is to recognise and appreciate them, then have used them as a platform for personal progress.

Take advantage of the bad times by looking at them as an opportunity.

Customers now have unprecedented power because to social media, which is excellent for them but bad news for businesses. So long as nothing goes wrong, that is. Like Frank, you should take charge of the unpleasant situation, openly admit the problem, and devise a plan to fix it. Acknowledging and responding to your mistakes gently will go a long way. Acknowledgement

Don’t be a closed-minded person; think out of the box instead.

There’s no such thing as “buying” devotion. I’m not interested in this. You have give me it in return for my faith. If we can agree on that, you’re a creative person.

Even if you’ve never been paid for it, it doesn’t really matter. When you go the additional mile, you might just land a million-pound customer instead of a modest one. Customers will tell their friends and colleagues about you if you go the additional mile for them.

If you’re doing company with somebody, get to know them before you do so.

For the most part, power is akin to owning a piece of real estate. Nothing compares to having a good place to call home. As your property’s worth rises, so does its proximity to the source.

Research takes up a lot of time. Which characteristic(s) stand out the most about your client? What exactly do they need? Your competitors aren’t able to meet their customers’ requirements in the way that you can. If you know who your consumers are or what their needs are, you can better service them.

Follow their lead and do what they tell you to do.

Make a lasting impact. “You should do it as a way to show your appreciation.”

By listening and then demonstrating how else you can help them, you may build a strong relationship with your audience. Awe-inspiring customers provide a competitive edge and long-term client loyalty.

Build a solid group of collaborators.

Working with someone who is willing to saddle a gift horse then instead of punch it in the mouth is a nice difference.

His current success would not have been possible without the help of others around him. So it’s critical to teach your employees how to build positive relationships with consumers and clients. Workplace morale improves when employees are involved in team-building activities.

At all times, have a plan in place.

Taking a step back will allow you to see the bigger picture. How do you eat a whale? One mouthful at such a time.”

As a professional, you must put in the time and energy necessary to meet your clients’ deadlines. If your schedule is overflowing, set aside some time to sort through the items.

Be aware of what your customers are doing.

If you want your business to flourish, you must keep up with the ever changing customer trends. If you wouldn’t make the necessary changes to stay relevant in today’s industry, you’ll lose customers. Always go above and above for your customers.

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